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The Institute of Folk Culture

IFC is an organization subsidized by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic. Its mission is, e.g., to do research into both intangible and tangible cultural heritage of traditional folk culture and folklore, to collect preserve and process its records, to organize folklore and educational events or to provide an advisory and informational service for all kinds of folklore activities in the Czech Republic.


Museum of Luhačovické Zálesí

Museum of Luhačovické Zálesí in Luhačovice is a part of Museum of Southeastern Moravia. The permanent exposition entitled Known and Unknown Luhačovice presents the history of the town and the spa and a part of this exposition is focused on a traditional lifestyle in the region more than a hundred years ago.


The Strážnice Museum of the Villages of South-East Moravia

An open-air museum in Strážnice, which has been opened to the public and visitors since 1981, consists of several areas presenting the folk architecture of diferent regions of south-east Moravia. One of them is dedicated to the buildings of luhačovské Zálesí. A rich supporting program is prepared for the visitors throughout the whole year.



An independent information portal for current events in Luhačovice and surroundings. offers information about current folk events in Moravia, basic characteristics of particular ethnographic regions and many interesting information and articles dealing with folklore.


Luhačovské Zálesí

The public benefit corporation Luhačovské Zálesí founded by microregion Luhačovské Zálesí deals with the presentation of the region, care of its natural and cultural heritage, education and other activities in order to support the development of the area.

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