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About the Ensemble

Folklore ensemble Leluja focuses on folk culture of ethnographic district of luhačovské Zálesí. Our repertoire consists of, e.g. local folk songs, dances or traditional children's games. Besides performing at domestic and international folklore festivals, the ensemble also actively participates in renewal of folk traditions in several villages. Recently Leluja has represented the district of luhačovské Zálesí in Moravian Slovakian Wine Festival and Open Munument Festival in Uherské Hradiště.

Nowadays, Leluja has 56 members working in three groups. The first group consists of children from the ages of three to seven, older children attend the second group and the adults form the third one. The seven-member cimbalom band is a part of the ensemble as well.

The repertoire is derived from works of Antonín Václavík, an ethnographist who documented the district of luhačovské Zálesí in the monograph The Forest District of Luhačovice: A Contribution to the Ethnographical Boundaries of Valašsko, Slovakia and Haná in Czechoslovakia (1930), Josef Černík, a composer and collector of folk songs, Zdena Jelínková, who focused on the dance aspect of the area, and others.


The name and logo of the ensemble is based on a sanctuary called Malenisko, which is located nearby the village of Provodov. The place is dedicated to Mary, whose symbol, lily, is in local dialect called 'leluja'.

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