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Luhačovské Zálesí

Luhačovské Zálesí is an ethnograpcic district located on boundaries of Moravian Wallachia, Moravian Slovakia and Haná. In the centre of the region there is the largest Moravian spa Luhačovice, which is famous due to its curative springs. The first mention of Zálesí can be found in Comenius' map of Moravia from the 17th century. However this area was much more larger than the district defined by Antonín Václavík in the beginning of the 20th century.

Antonín Václavík, folklorist and ethnographist, the founder of Museum of luhačovické Zálesí in Luhačovice, was the first to study Zálesí as an independent ethnographic region. The area consisted of villages: Luhačovice, Kladná Žilín, Přečkovice, Rudice, Rudimov, Petrůvka, Nevšová, Lipová, Slopné, Sehradice, Horní Lhota, Dolní Lhota, Podhradí, Pozlovice, Řetechov, Ludkovice, Provodov, Biskupice, Polichno, Kaňovice, Dobrkovice, Velký Ořechov, Kelníky, Doubravy, Hřivínův Újezd, Březůvky and Zlámanec. This determination was based on common folk culture, natural conditions, way of life, language etc.

In 1999 microregion Luhačovské Zálesí was established. The twenty villages included cooperate in effort to develop the region.


The region of luhačovské Zálesí with its traditions and culture served as an inspiration for many artist, such as painters, writers or composers. Besides beautiful nature, many monuments and significant places can be found here as well. Aside from a town of Luhačovice, famous spa with the unique design of Jurkovič's buildings, it is aslo worth to mention Malenisko, a well known sanctuary with a baroque chapel dedicated to Saint Mary Major, Velký Ořechov with a parish church dedicated to Saint Wenceslav, a reservoir in Pozlovice, ruins of the castles Rýsov, Starý Světlov and Sehrad or a great deal of monuments of folk architecture which can be found in almost every village.


Václavík, A.: Luhačovské Zálesí. Luhačovice 1930.

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